Choose the Original Blažek Glass Nail and Foot-Files

Become a Glass Nail and Foot Files Resseler

The patented glass nail and foot-files rightfully belong among our bestselling items. Thanks to a signature chemical treatment, they surpass other glass nail-files on the market in both the quality and endurance of the abrasive surface, performing flawlessly for a lifetime.

Your customers deserve the best. Offer them the original hand-made Blažek Glass nail and foot- files. Choose one of the standard designs or let our skilled artists create a custom decoration just for you. You may also choose from the best-selling designs.

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Our Guarantees

Some of our resellers have been with us since the very beginnings of Blažek Glass in the 1930’s. We do not take that lightly and focus on providing great services. That is why we guarantee:

Top Quality Products

Top Quality Products

Quality is our topmost priority. Before the products leave our gates, they undergo a series of quality checks. We guarantee that only top quality goods are shipped to our distributors.

Read more about our manufacturing processes.

Top Business Assistance

Our multilingual Sales department will happily answer all the questions you might have about our products. Are you unsure which design to choose, what type sells best? Do not hesitate to ask.

See contact information or read our article on best-selling products

Top Business Assistance
Offering large Quantities with Minimum Delay

Large Quantities, Minimal Delay

Our manufacturing process is highly adaptable and allows us to manufacture large quantities of products with minimal effect on delivery times.

Customization of All Products

All our products may be fully customized to suit your needs. Add a custom painted, sandblasted or etched decoration, place a logo or have an original set created just for you. Customization is available in both small and large quantities with minimal impact on delivery date.

Read more about customization

You Can Customize All Products
We are fexible in Payment Options

Flexible Payment Options

We accept most payment types. You may pay for your order using:

Ikona Debit Card
Ikona PayPal
Ikona Bank Transfer

Should none of the above suit your needs, other payment options are available on request.

Safe and secure Shipping

Fragile materials, such as crystal glass, require extra attention to packaging and transport. We make sure our goods reach you in perfect shape, using ultra-durable cushioning materials to prevent breakage.

Shipping is Safe
We ship Worldwide

Express Worldwide Shipment

We use reliable logistic companies to ensure the shortest delivery time possible. The goods can be delivered within 24 hours of production. We can ship with:

  • FedEx
  • UPS
  • DB Schenker

Should you prefer another service provider, we can also ship with other logistic companies on request.

Explore Your Options with Blažek Glass

Do you wish to become a reseller of Blažek Glass nail files? Contact us and let our experienced staff find the products that will suit your business best.