Morfology Set of Handcut Bohemian Crystal fot Table and Bathroom

Hand-Cut Bohemian Crystal for the Table and Bathrooms

Crystal glass turns everyday activities into a feast for the senses. A whisky carafe will be a stylish addition to any conference table, crystal bowls, trays and glasses provide functional luxury for dining. Our signature crystal wash-basin and accessories will change the bathroom into a lustrous design heaven and multicolored LEC lamps create perfect lighting.

The home should be the treasure chest of living. Le Corbusier

Interior Crystal Lines

Line of LEC Crystal Lamps

LEC Lamps

Inspired by nature, brought to life by the hands of our skilled glass-cutters. Let there be light in every color imaginable!

Interior Crystal Line


Traditionally cut, engraved and painted crystal will add a touch of luxurious nostalgia to any table setting. Drink and dine with style.

Bathroom Crystal Line


Bathrooms deserve more than just plain porcelain. Our luxurious crystal wash-basin will inevitably become an unforgettable centrepiece.


All our products are made of traditional leaded-crystal glass and are hand-decorated. Thanks to manual manufacturing, all our patterns may be fully customized. For more information, please see our section on Custom-made crystal.


Beautifully hand-decorated


Beautifully hand-decorated

Available in traditional and modern designs for all interiors

Traditional & Modern

Available in traditional and modern designs for all interiors

For both home and business use

Home & Business

For both home and business use

Customer Testimonials

For their beauty and quality, our lustrous hand-cut crystal has always been a sought-after commodity on the international market. Read some of the experiences of our customers:

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I have had the pleasure of working with Blazek Glass for over 10 years with various organizations. Recently, we have worked with Lenka and her team on two key projects, one developing a range of crystal stemware and tableware for the US College market and another developing a custom crystal program for the American market. They are creative, innovative and responsive. They understood our design aesthetic and implemented it as we had envisioned. The end product was superb. Love working with them!

Robin J. Fennell, House Calls

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Crystal glass has many facets and we know all of them! Choose traditional Bohemian crystal for classic interiors or explore its contemporary side with our modern collections and multicolored LEC lamps.