Blažek Glass: The Crystalware Heritage

Archaeological excavations suggest that Bohemian glass-making traditions date as far back as the 13th century. Glass was then made from a melted mixture of beech ash and siliceous sand. The result was brownish or greenish due to residues of other materials, such as iron. Later, improved purifying techniques allowed for the production of clear glass.

In the age of alchemists, of Rudolph II., glass-makers strove to create heat-resistant glass that was in demand for various experiments. After that, the renaissance encouraged glass decoration – painting, and later on also modern grinding and edging.

In their pursuit of perfection, our ancestors found out that lead, when added to the raw materials, results in exceptional lustre. This is how traditional Bohemian crystal glass came into existence.

The Blažek family have manufactured and decorated crystal glass since the 18th century, for seven generations. The first company was established later, in the early 20th century. Since then, Blažek Glass products have been highly-esteemed for their quality and originality.

in 1933

The Pre-War Years

In 1933, Josef Blažek, the youngest of the Blažek glassmaking family and a skilled glassmaker himself, founded the first company in the city of Nový Bor. Even though it’s beginnings were not the easiest, his business thrived. In 1938, he relocated the manufacture from the German-occupied borderland to Poděbrady. Here he managed to keep it going despite the unfavorable war years until 1948, when his company was nationalized.

in 1992

The Modern Era

In 1992, the crystalware companies were returned to Dalibor and Drahoslava, the children of Josef Blažek. They succeeded in restarting production after a long forced hiatus. The traditional manufacture of hand-decorated crystal glass was then reborn under the original name of the company - J. Blažek Sklo Poděbrady. With regard to expansion into new markets, the name was changed to Blažek Glass in 2009. The company is currently managed by Lenka Blažková - Zdobinská, the grand-daughter of Josef Blažek, and her husband, Petr Zdobinský.

Our production 

We have always valued the unparallelled qualities of manual work and the uniqueness of human touch. However, we also enjoy exploring the possibilities of modern technologies. At Blažek Glass, we combine traditional handiwork and state-of-the-art technological procedures to develop new products.

Combining sheet-glass and the technology of chemical-etching allowed us to create a unique product – the patented glass nail-file. The etched abrasive surface suffers from almost no wear and tear. Blažek Glass nail-files thus really perform for a lifetime! Our files have excelled in many competitions and won awards both in the Czech Republic and abroad.

The portfolio of our products ranges from original glass nail-files to traditional hand-decorated crystal glass-lamps, trophies, glass jewellery and other crystalware. Quality remains our topmost priority and we are valued by our customers in the Czech Republic, Germany, USA, France, Great Britain, Japan and many other countries.

In 2005, we successfully complied with ISO certification standards. This helped us to further organize our processes and set the standards for the individual steps in our manufacture. Even though the certification is no longer valid, we confirm compliance with the processes in our internal audits.

Even though Blažek Glass grew to employ more than 60 skilled professionals, we still remain a family business, adhering to the values of our predecessors.  

Explore the Living History

From its humble beginnings, glass-making has come a long way. See how we combine traditional decorating techniques with modern technologies.

Thanks to manual manufacturing, our products may be fully personalized and delivered even in small series, be it a set of branded glass files or an originally cut crystal whisky decanter. For more details, please see our section on Custom-made crystal.

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    Original Class Nail & Foot Files

    Our original, patented glass nail-files are suitable for both personal and professional use. Choose a natural file for branding purposes, a colored one or even a Swarovski-crystal embellished one.

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    Interior Crystal

    Classical cut-crystal glasses and trays will add an aristocratic feeling to any table setting.

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    Topping a football match with a truly memorable prize or providing employees with a keepsake to remember a special occasion? Details are everything.

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    Crystal Crematorium Urns

    Our unique crystal urns may be kept in the bereaved family or installed at a columbarium.

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    Custom Production

    Do you have something special in mind? Let us know and our skilled designers and artists will help you materialize that idea.