Crystal Glass Decoration Techniques

We believe that crystal glass and the human hand create a unique symbiosis, where the only creative limits are those of the fragile material. That is why traditional manual techniques are still at the core of Blažek Glass production.

Peek behind the scenes and explore the various decoration techniques our skilled artists use to create lustrous crystal beauty.

Crystal Hand-Cutting


This traditional technique for glass decoration has been known since the times of old Mesopotamia. In the Bohemian lands, glass-cutting became more common in the mid-17th century. The technique itself has developed in time but it remains very demanding, requiring not only manual prowess, qualification and talent but also the physical sturdiness of the artist. Glass-cutting allows to create both classic and modern patterns which bring forth the beauty of glass, especially crystal.

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Painting and Pen-Drawing

As early as the 6th century AD, the ancient Byzantine Empire knew how to paint glass with enamels and fire them. Painting and pen-drawing on glass is a very complex process. The painter needs to have both technical knowledge and imagination, invention and artistic talent. In the firing process, color shades change and the painter thus needs to know the behavior of the individual paints. Firing also makes the painting very durable and long–lasting. This technique allows us to create any motif imaginable, either based on an existing artwork or on the customer’s requirements.

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Crystal Hand-Painting
Crystal Glass Edging

Glass Edging

This technique is not far from grinding but whereas grinding uses the edge of the wheel, edging utilizes its flat surface. Glass edging requires exceptionally high-quality material and precision on the side of the glass-cutter.

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Glass Engraving

Glass engraving is one of the most demanding techniques. The engraver is like a sculptor, creating a bas-relief on the glass surface, very often free-hand, using only their own invention. The patterns are created using very small tools, which allow for a very detailed work. The resulting piece is always an original, bearing the unique style of the artist – the engraver.

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Crystal Engraving
A Set of Decorated Nail Files - Modern Decoration Techniques

Modern Glass-Decoration Techniques

Like every art, glass-decoration is always progressing and new techniques are being introduced. At Blažek Glass, we currently use sand-blasting, pad printing or decoration with glued-on Swarovski stones. These techniques also create striking effects when combined.

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Thanks to manual manufacturing, our products may be fully personalized and delivered even in small series, be it a set of branded glass files or an originally cut crystal whisky decanter. For more details, please see our section on Custom-made crystal.

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    Original Class Nail & Foot Files

    Our original, patented glass nail-files are suitable for both personal and professional use. Choose a natural file for branding purposes, a colored one or even a Swarovski-crystal embellished one.

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    Interior Crystal

    Classical cut-crystal glasses and trays will add an aristocratic feeling to any table setting.

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    Trophies and Awards

    Topping a football match with a truly memorable prize or providing employees with a keepsake to remember a special occasion? Details are everything.

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    Crystal Crematorium Urns

    Our unique crystal urns may be kept in the bereaved family or installed at a columbarium.

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    Custom Production

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